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Post  Drazen on Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:45 am

Hello fellow Bosco fans Very Happy

As all of you already know, subtitles (in english) for bosco episodes are extremely rare to find.

The webmaster Jorge agreed, and I believe all of you will, that it would be the best to make some kind of "subtitle workshop" (let's just call it like that until some more convenient title comes to our minds ^_^) where each one of us would contribute in any way to make english subtitles (then each one of us can translate them back to our native languages).

And by "any way", I mean that all kind of help is definitely more than welcome.

There are lot of .mkv episodes with italian and japanese dub on p2p programs - if some of you understand italian by any chance, he/she can contribute by translating the italian into english.

Also, there is the link with all episodes in serbo-croatian (the ones which are not dubbed have serbo-croatian subtitles next to them), so if anyone else except me (and Boki ?) understands that language, again, his/hers help is more than welcome.

OK, so subtitle for episode 13 in english is already here on the forum. Let's start now with other episodes, and see how we advance.

Thanks for reading this, I hope we will make something good together Wink

long live bosco cheers

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